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if you want to get into the spirit and strip clubs aren't your thing. it is the christmas boobsie. it is a beer coosie with breasted. a concept that debuted at hooters and it is available at no need to thank me. i'm here to help. it is heart of my mission. appreciate what you have and give to those less fortunate. every time a bell rings a stripper gets her wings. it is a wonderful life. we'll see you an hour from now. thank you for watching. >> this is the 22 year old man that police say shot up a mall.
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>> his name is jackobtyler roberts. >> the founding fathers have weapons like this in mind when they granted the right to bear arms? tonight eyewitnesss tell me what they saw when the shooting started. >> he is coming. and we start running. >> i talked to the gun advocate who said that there should have been more guns in that mall. >> that is our all-star panel. guns, and washington's countdown to crisis. marketly. >> president obama hasn't addressed the gun issue at all. >> this is piers morgan tonight. >> america armed. the day after another gun
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outrage. here are statistics you may find as shocking as i did. more than 129,000 federally licensed arms dealers in this country. there are 36,000 grocery stores and 14,000 mcdonald's grocery stores. the statistic that is the most shocking of all, 42,000 people murdered in the u.s. between 2006 and 2010. thousands running for safety while others ducked for cover. welcome to you both. justin. let me start with you. this is everyone's nightmare. you go christmas shopping and somebody walked in with an
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assault weapon and somebody starts shooting. what was the first that you sta discovered. >> i was inside macy's at the lanc lancolmb counter. a loud boom happened and i first thought that something had broken. and then there was a second gunshot and repeated ones and i knew this was gun fire and we had a terrible situation. and so, we looked at each other and it was like we understood that we had to do something. >> allen, there have been a number of gun outrages in america in resent months. what goes through your mind when you realize what is happening?
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>> i don't have an explanation for is that i had to do my best possible to get as many people out of the building as i could. a lot of them are holiday shoppers and they don't know where some exits were in the mall. i did what i shout was right. do you have training as a macy's employee? do most people have some kind of training for this kind of thing? >> no, they don't have training for shootings. if there is a fire alarm we need to exit out of the building. but there was no training for a gunshot. >> we know that the shooter took his own life but his rifle jammed. he had several magazines capable
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of firing multiple bullets. he he had gone to the mall with the pure intension of killing innocent people. what is your view, about gun control and the ability of people like the shooter to get their hands on a weapon of this power and magnitude? >> well, i feel like that there is not enough questions consequ united states and it starts from the home and the home is des structing. and we don't have proper authority with the husband and wife. different situations like that. gun men are able to be we had an incident here in portland where an 11-year-old and 7-year-old were having firearms. so, it is an unfortunate
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situation and something has to change. >> for me, i think that the whole gun thing. it is dangerous because a lot of people are allowed to have guns. there is a deep rooted thing which is what would cause a young man to do a shooting like he did. he was a regular person? people saw him as a kind person. out of nowhere, i don't think it was so much just the guns. >> yeah, i think it is a combination of things. i want to thank you both. >> we want to go to somebody who may be able to answer those questions. they were stunned to learn he he was the gunman. a childhood friend of roberts. thank you forginning me. a difficult time for the friends
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and the family. >> by relative counts, this seems out of character what is your view? >> well, it felt like a shot. you know, my reonsay woke me up this morning and it felt like i was being lied to. i didn't believe that jake was capable of such a thing. we knew him as a kind person. if you were having a bad day he could make you laugh no matter what. there was a suggestion that he had sold his possessions and was planning to move to hawaii. friends said he was acting in a detached curious way. what can you tell us about that? >> i saw the post that he was moving to hawaii. i didn't hear about him selling
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his belongings. >> police are saying that he stole the gun from a friend. have you any idea where he may have stolen the gun? i'm not aware of any of that. you seem shocked by what has happened here. it does seem out of character. was he suffering from a mental illness any behavioral issues at all that would have suggested to you that he would have been capable of this? >> absolutely not. >> did he have family issues that you were aware of? >> not that i'm aware of. >> it is completely baffling to you. >> it absolutely is. >> you seem very upset it is hardly surprising.
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is the whole community in deep shock about this? >> yeah, all of our friends are trying to comprehend what he may have gone through or what could have happened that led him to do such a drastic thing. there are pictures of him shooting. were you aware of his love of shooting or afillation to guns at all? >> i mean i have seen it on his facebook. i mean there are a lot of us out there that like shooting. i don't think that was the cause of why he did what he did. >> i know that you are shocked and upset about this. i appreciate you joining the show tonight. >> one of the country's worst mass shootings happened in
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aurora, colorado. jessica's mother sandy phillips joins me now. thank you for joining me. >> thank you for having me. >> you tweeted me on the night that i interviewed bob costas. and he was passionate and ar tick lat about why he believes the country needs more gun control. when you heard, your heart must sink and it must take you right back to the nightmare that you went through. >> absolutely. not only myself, but my husband, and the other 11 families that lost a loved one in aurora. >> we were texting last night and some of us were crying and we understand the pain that those families are going
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through. and those that were traumatized by the event. it is a horrible state of affairs that we are in. when we have leaders like landsy graham that said we are not going to do anything about it because we believe in the second amendment it makes you curious. i too believe in the second amendment and i'm a gun owner. to not address these issues is ludicrous. >> loni, the idea that i get after these outrages is if everybody had been armed they could have shot the shooter. i'm sure the gun lobby would argue about what happened in the mall. they could have killed him and
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so on. what is your response? >> my response to that would be that's not a good idea. i'm a gun opener. grant lowack and i went to a gun show this weekend. i could have bought a gun and rounds and walked out of there without signing anything but the bill of sale. having a gun in a theater and a crowded environment dret is a good shot and may have gotten a chance to shoot, he tried to protect my daughter and was wounded in the process. he has a license to carry. and i'm going to get one. i want to protect my home. i have a shotgun and my wife used to be a member of the nra.
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and we are gun owners and we believe in the ii amendment. but there needs to be a dialogue. our country needs to talk about some type of gun control. i believe that having our citizens armed and licensed to carry. i would carry one in my car and not in my person. i don't think that i would want to face the fact that i would hit a victim. >> we had that shooting at the empire state building where nine people were injured by officers who are well trained in arms. but more guns is not necessarily the answer. >> stricter controls, 40% of the guns that are bought and sold in
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america are bought and sold without background checks, that is a problem. ever more powerful when you come from the potiposition that you from. thank you both very much. >> thank you for having us, piers. are more guns the answer or less. we'll get into that after the break. americans are always ready to work hard for a better future.
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armed with the semiautomatic rifle. the rifle was stolen from a person known to the suspect. >> the right to bear armed. joining me is dan gross. welcome to you both. we had a moving interview there with the parents of a young woman who lost her life in auror are a. the obvious question to you is this. why would anybody in america who is not in the police force need to have one of these weapons? >> first of all, these aren't fully automatic weapons. the semiautomatic may fire one bullet and pull the trigger.
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so when you try to demonize it, some fire.22-caliber bullets. i'm wondering what anybody would need a weapon like this for if the purpose is to just defend yourself. >> on your network, on cnn i remember watching during the la riots merchants on the tops of buildings making sure that people were not around them.
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i watched it on your network. he also bought 6,000 rounds of ammunition and he had protective gear on him which has happened with jacob roberts in oregon. they went in with rivals and had the weapon not jams in the mall yesterday, we could have been looking at a death toll higher than what happened in a roar ra. why do people need to have the ability to have the ar 15?
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>> people go into shopping malls and movie theaters using these magazines which carry up to 100 rounds a minute. he shot 17 people james holmes shot 17 people. >> let me give you some facts. >> let me give you some facts. >> let me give you a fact. wait a minute, sir. you want to talk facts. >> if you want to -- >> if you want to get a good solution -- >> can you stop talking? >> you have to look at both sides. >> let me speak, my show. >> here is a fact for you flt james holmes in aurora killed
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12. this debate is not about the right to defend yourself in a home. it is why america continues to allow deranged young people to buy these weapons? i don't understand it. >> i don't think piers. i don't think deranged people should be able to have a gun. but your position is nobody should have a gun. you think the ii amendment protects muskets. >> you tweeted that. >> stop twisting my words. >> i have a copy of it. >> i know what i tweeted. >> it is not funny. why are you laughing? >> because you are not telling the truth.
6:23 pm
>> why don't you stop laughing, it looks creepy. >> let me interpto you dan gross. >> i don't find this remotely funny. the reference was i don't believe the founding fathers imagined that young people in america would be able to buy ar 15s and go into movie theaters and shopping malls and kill as many innocent americans with these high powered weapons. what do we do about this? we have heard the parents. most of them own guns. i don't have an irish an issue with an american's right to own guns.
6:24 pm
at the end of the day it doesn't matter what i think. it doesn't matter what you think. that is why we storted this. we are getter than amation than this. the american public do they think that the answer to violence is more violence? i would love to open that up in the public discourse. we would find that this issue isn't nearly as polarising as mr. gotlieb would provide.
6:25 pm
he said let's talk about keeping guns out of the hands. he said let's keep guns out of the hands of mentally deranged people. as those guests very well educated guests said in your last segment. 40% of all gun sales are -- you talked about how many federally licensed gun dealers there are. keeping a gun out of the hand of a convicted fellon or somebody who is mentally ill has nothing to do with the second amendment. i would hope that he agrees. >> good. >> so my hope is that we can feend a middle ground.
6:26 pm
together we can find sensible solutions. and maybe we can have the civil discourse that is going to be necessary to solve this problem. >> let me ask you this, would you believe that if everybody had been armed in the shopping call this would have prevented them from killing anybody? >> piers first of all, i never encourage anybody to be armed. >> who do you encourage to be armed? >> you should have the right to be armed. no firearms allowed. the theater in aurora had a sign that said no firearms allowed. if you look at these mass shootings, where do they happen?
6:27 pm
>> in school zones. in movie theaters, doesn't that make an alarm bell? >> until 2004, following the ban on the assault weapons, there was a ban and now there isn't. why do you feel comfortable in allowing young people who may or may not be deranged to have such easy access to assault weapons. there wasn't a ban on new producti production. in the year where they discussed danning them. people wanted them for self protection before they were banned. all the ban did was put the guns on the street. what was the effect no fire arms
6:28 pm
at all. fire arms are bad. this past year you have a 35% increase of crime. >> do you now how many people got murdered with guns in brin tain? >> how many? >> let me give you, you are keen on facts, again, can you stop talking? let me interrupt. >> why don't you look at both sides. >> you said there is a massive surge in gun crime in britain. >> in the last four or five years you averaged 340 million people. about 6th of the population. we have 35 or 40 a year.
6:29 pm
you do the same math that i'm doing. explain to me why it is double in kit tan. government doesn't work. that is why they are criminals. let me ask you with one more question given what you know. do you feel comfortable another unstable 21, 22 year oldca kid y be inspired and can doe and weapons that can explode bullets at a time. do you feel comfortable that,
6:30 pm
that is easy to do. people who commit violent crimes. but we need to work on that. that is where the effort should go. >> thank you both very much for joining me. >> coming up, brassle ground america. we'll talk about guns and the dysfunction in fashington and the serious noose lar threat from income. . and sea food differently. and introducing 7 lunch choices for just $7.99. salads, sandwiches, and more.
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now to my all-star american panel. host of huff post live. let's get to guns. because another day another atrocity. charles, what is going to happen here? i thought the most moving thing was the interview who own guns. it is not about being anti-gun. you have to remember the right
6:35 pm
of people to have a been if they want it? i deent know why anybody don't ef efrk. >> i'm from a small town in louisiana. people hunt. you have to keep the snakes out of the grass. but there is not a cheaper more efficient way of doing it. and because it is rural. you can't talk 911. it is not about saying you cannot own a gun. however, they were guns that
6:36 pm
were designed for military use including ar 15s. and in the 1960s they were sold to the public. we have to look at our relationship to military style guns. i think the most dangerous starts, there are see many being sold and there are so many out there. >> abbey you tweeted today no one needed an assault weapon. this comes back to as we have been saying protecting the ii amendment. if that means banning assault weapons and requiring background
6:37 pm
checks. jessica's mom said i own a gun. but carole wilson. >> it is not about the gun. it is about the people. >> why should anyone in america have one of these? it is about the people. when we are talking about the legislation, let's talk about what is going on in our culture that wou that would cause someone to take the life of people. >> i know it is tranic. here is the thing. are they even children? >> people choke on hot dogs and they fall into pools and drown. >> can i make my point? accidents happen. if we want to have a productive
6:38 pm
dialogue. this is not accident. you have to separate. it is about the brutal efficiency of high powered and or o automatic weapons. >> i have had several loaded magazines. he may as well been a commando in afghanistan. the only thing we disagree on is the assault weapons part. they exist. let me ask you this, if you ban them, do you think that it keeps it out of the hands of crim males? criminals? does it keep it out of the hands of those that are irresponsible? do you believe does the ii am d amendment allow you to have a
6:39 pm
tank? >> are you comfortable with every one having one? >> i think that is not the debate. i'm not drawing the line in -- you have to have limitation. but it should be bold. >> limiting the people. i believe let's legislate the people. if there are people with violent back grounds. this is not gun smoke. i believe that people have the right to bear arms because it makes them feel safer and i believe you have the right to bear arms and when you get to the point where you choose not to bear arms -- >> no. >> i'm saying that now we don't have a conversation because the
6:40 pm
moment that someone brings up the idea of getting rid of assault weapons like romney and president obama discuss in one of their debates the nra jumps in. >> no, it is about assault weapons. james in aurora both used this weapon. they were banned and they are not banned anymore. the way to deal with criminals is not to arm everyone on the streets with the same weapon. you have to try haven't you? you have to try >> i think the argument that we need to protect ourselves. but i, you asked the question,
6:41 pm
it is not being talked about. and it is up to them to start. his wife was gabby giffords. let's take a break. ♪ it is something very special ♪ i would readily confess [ dogs barking ] ♪ 'cause all i want this season ♪ ♪ is something from your heart ♪ la da da, la da da [ male announcer ] thinking of others this holiday season, travelers. (announcer) when subaru owners look in the mirror, they see more than themselves. so we celebrate our year-end with the "share the love" event. get a great deal on a new subaru
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nothing has happened today. they are a bunch of little children and until they grow up. i'm not interested. why don't you sort yourselves out. and we'll come back to you when you have done a deal. is it something to be wore yid good? >> i think we had issues that maybe with a new leader with little kim that we would turn a corner and he would be less
6:46 pm
aggressive. what i think is encouraging those is china'sresponse. it is still to be seen if they move to tighten chan k shuns. moving them into the world. >> it is important. >> you have lived in china. it is tpivotal. >> north korea all they have is military power. and what keeps them china. and it is such and important one. china is a tough relationship. it remained me of a game of chess. if you want to talk to them
6:47 pm
about human rights. then you are going to have to take something else off the table. you have to move formed in a way. it is an opportunity. >> it is kushl. china is important and the place that every one has to look to for guidance and all of these issues. the question here is can we believe that china is over the situation or are they behind the scenes and if they are, we are in big trouble. if we go to war ever there, we won't be able to finance it. we have $16 trillion in debt. back to the fiscal cliff that we went by. >> it jumped the shark. i'm cutting you all off.
6:48 pm
carole, abbey and charles. thank you. you have been one of the liveliest panels that i have had since yesterday. astronaut marketly up next. [ nurse ] i'm a hospice nurse.
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. as we've seen here tonight with the debate on guns, there is a divisive issue in this country. a person who can see both sides of it better than anybody is mark kelly. he talked to me earlier. welcome back to you, mark. >> hey, good evening, piers. it's great to be here. >> a story in the last few days said that smith and wes son had increased gun sale by 44% since barack obama was re-elected and they've never had higher numbers of people applying for a clearance and licenses and so on. i found that vaguely terrifying. i've got to be honest with you. what is your reaction to this proliferation in gun sales? >> well, it's surprising. president obama hasn't really addressed the gun issue at all after he was elected the first
6:53 pm
time, you know, during his first four years in office. while the issue has come up, there hasn't been much done to try to address the problem though, you know, walmart saw record sales in ammunition i'm quite surprised by that. i didn't hear that stat tis stick by smith and wes son but it's interesting. >> americans say, listen, it's our second amendment, we have a right to bear arms and we want to have guns to protect ourselves and our family. clearly, guns did not protect your family. what is your answer to that? do you understand it? do you emphasize with it? what is the answer? >> well, i personally believe that people have a right to protect themselves in their home, that they should be allowed to have a gun to protect them and their family.
6:54 pm
but i also think that we have an issue with the access that people have to guns, that it's so easy to buy a gun. especially in certain states. and in certain circumstances, people that are mentally ill can acquire a gun or even, you know, in some cases a former felon can. so these are problems that i think need to be addressed. you know, we elect some smart people that should be able to work out these issues. they've just -- they've just neglected to do it on this particular case and there are reasons that politicians tend to ignore this issue. >> let's turn to things up in space. 40 years ago, apollo 17 lifted into the night and sent the last humans to the moons. do you think we'll ever see human beings on the moon again, in your lifetime, my lifetime? >> you initially said ever and ever is a lifetime. but ever in our lifetimes? i think there's a good probability we will get somebody
6:55 pm
back on the moon. maybe it's not the united states of america. maybe it will be a chinese astronaut on the surface of the moon next. i hope that's not the case. i think we have strong reasons for going there. marses, on the other hand, is a much bigger problem. to send someone to mars and get them safely back to earth will be one of the greatest challenges we've ever taken on as a peesh she's. >> would you like to do that? >> well, i would. it's a long trip. if you're going to stay there for more than two weeks, you're going to stay there for 500 days and 500 days is a long time. my brother is getting ready to go into space a couple years from now but he's going to go into space for a year. a year is a very long time. but imagine doing a 5-500-day trip. that's when ships left europe and didn't plan to come back for years. >> i'm looking at the scene where you tell gabby, hey, i'm off to mars for 500 days. >> yeah, i don't think she would be digging it all that much.
6:56 pm
>> tell me about your mousetrout. why did you decide to do this? ? >> on my first space flight we carried mice on the trip and 17 of them did not like it and some of them enjoyed the experience. >>. >> it's a lot of fun. it's a lot of fun. i'm going to show it to my little daughter. mark, it's great to talk with you again. send my very best to gabby. how's she doing? >> she's doing very well, piers. you know, she's got a great attitude about her recovery, about where she's going. you know, she's getting involved in not exactly back to work but we've been involved in a new organization called the national institute for civil discourse. >> that's great. nice to talk to you. >> thanks for having me on, piers. appreciate it. that's all for now.
6:57 pm
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